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The island of Kithira lies opposite the eastern tip of the Peloponnese, Cape Malea. Its scenery Is unique - rugged and dramatic, while its architecture is a blend of traditional, Aegean and Venetian elements. Over the millennia, the winds from the surrounding seas have shaped its shores into steep rocky cliffs punctuated by deep bays.


Traversing the azure waters of the dazzling Cyclades cluster, the remote skyline shall start to reveal an authentic miracle of nature, the island of Paros. The insular atmosphere in combination with the breathtaking scenery shall seduce you, as Paros is considered to be the most appealing nymph of the Aegean Ocean. Full of natural beauties, the unique island of Paros pulses with infinite, sandy coasts, crystal waters, verdurous landscapes and untrodden spots, being at the same time one of the most cosmopolitan summer resorts, offering intense, unrivaled nightlife.


Sifnos, being less barren than its neighbours, is probably the most beautiful of the western Cyclades. The island is small -- only 82 square kilometres but it has a population of 20,000 and a number of beautiful Cycladic villages. In antiquity Sifnos was famous for its gold and silver mines which were a mixed blessing for the islanders, bringing them both wealth and trouble. After the fall of Constantinople, Sifnos was granted to the Gozzadini family by the Duke of Naxos, Marco I Sanudo.

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The Cycladic group of islands in the centre of the Aegean Sea is considered to be the most visited islands in all of Greece. These Greek islands, in general, have one thing in common: that is their gorgeous and spectacular beaches that become quite a craze especially during the summer time. People from different countries come to these beaches to relax, enjoy the crystal water and practice water sports under the warm Greek sun.

The beaches of Mykonos, Naxos and Paros especially offer the best water sport activities to its visitors. Windsurfing is a very popular sport in the Greek islands. You will see many athletes engaged in windsurfing, while amateurs can get lessons at the windsurfing clubs on the beaches. Windsurfing is so popular in the Greek islands because they are exposed to winds known as "meltemi," which are north easterly strong winds that blow frequently over Cyclades during the summer season. The winds are warm but sometimes they can get extremely fierce and dangerous. But generally these winds are extremely encouraging for windsurfing on the sea.

If you are at Mykonos Island, you will find that many beaches, especially on the southern side, are well organized and have water sports facilities. The wind that blows over these beaches, especially in the afternoon, is perfect for windsurfing and you can easily rent windsurfing equipment from the clubs at the beach. The island of Naxos Cyclades can be called a heaven for windsurfers. Northern winds blow over the island and thus give the opportunity of windsurfing. There are three popular beaches for wind surfers, Mikri Viglia, Saint. George and Plaka. Surfing conditions are safe and the waters are perfect for windsurfing, kite surfing or other water sports.

Paros Island is renowned all over the world as the best place for windsurfing. It was selected by the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) in 1993 to host the World Cup. Since that time each year, it has been hosting the prestigious World Cup at the New Golden Beach. This is the professional race for windsurfers. But the amateurs and those interested in windsurfing need not worry. There are two notable windsurfing clubs at the beach, both known for their experienced instructors.

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